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Botanical Students hard at work

Everyone lives by
selling something.

-Robert Louis Stevenson



Pictures from E CITY- E CITY Teacher and Staff in Action/u>

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Teachers and Staff Playing the CashFlow Game
Teachers in action
Del Tanisha Genevieve with a student
Kat with Marsha Nicole with a student Teachers at NFTE U

Genevieve and students

? Del

Rodney and student

Nina with a student Tim and Nicole John, Genevieve and Nicole
?????? Rodney teaching a class????????????????? Del, student and business coach??????? Tim, student, and business coach
Kat teaching class Nicole with class Tanisha
Nina with student Nicole with student Peg

Brender with student

Nicole with Nick and Gay???????? John, Nina, Nicole
?????? Tim, Student and? Nicole??????????????????? Kat, Todd and student Nicole, Steven and John
E CITY Staff in action
Elaine John with student Scott with student
Nicole modeling for E CITY E CITY Team Peg and Elaine
Elaine Scott Nicole
John Nicole Peg
Nicole Elaine John teaching class

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