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Whitney Young student presenting his business plan.

Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose

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Teacher Profile - Cliff Gates

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Winners with the Gates family

We Remember our Friend - who was a fan of E CITY.

The E CITY staff would like to highlight its wonderful memories of Cliff Gates, a dear friend and Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher, who died on Christmas Day, just three weeks before the conclusion of the E CITY program he was teaching at Whitney Young School.


Cliff was a Whitney Young teacher, but also a former entrepreneur.  He was so passionate about sharing his knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, that he returned to the school for one additional year, to bring our program to students, in the midst of his own struggle with cancer.

Cliff was a man who listened to others with careful attention.  When you were with him, you felt important, if not essential.  He was open about his desires.  He was generous with his time and ideas.  In fact, Cliff so inspired his students that one of them wrote poetry in his memory, and another framed it creatively.  The result was a business partnership called “Froetry,” for framed poetry.

Business Plan Competition

We appreciate Cliff “selling” the E CITY program to principal Beth Hager, who is now a great supporter.  And we thank Cliff’s family and wife, Laverne Hooks Gates, for following his wishes, and designating memorials to E CITY.  Entrepreneurship education will have a place in the life of Whitney Young again next fall, thanks to Cliff’s legacy.

Student with his business coach

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