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Genevieve, John and Nicole

Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.

- Willis Whitney



Teacher Profile - Genevieve Skettle

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“I’m a fan of E CITY because…

             …of the dedication they have to the students and because they hold true to their mission.”

But listen to Genevieve’s chatty description of her teaching experience with E CITY and you’ll quickly know that it is we who are to be recognizing her for dedication to students.

Genevieve and Peg helping students with business plan
Genevieve is now teaching her fourth E CITY program.  What entices a young woman who works all day, to commit three afternoons each week to teaching this after-school program, as well?

“The kids motivate me,” she says.  “They keep bringing me back by showing up each day…I can’t let them down!  I also see how much they gain through the E CITY curriculum.  The $50 loan [given to each student for the lesson in profit-making] and what it does for them is awesome.”

What distinguishes the curriculum “…is that it directly relates to the outside world.  The students can read a chapter and get excited about it.  They can actually take what’s in the book and go out and do it, whereas with a math lesson from school, they do the problems and then close the book and put it away.”

Genevieve’s first program was at the Miles Avenue YMCA, where she had students from several schools, including Warrensville Heights Middle School and John F. Kennedy High School.  “One student took two buses and traveled a full hour to get to the class four days each week,” remarks Genevieve.  That particular class created a business known as “Cleveland Blooms,” which made and sold flower pots decorated with photos

Genevieve helping a student

of Cleveland.  That was in addition to the individual business plans required of each student

Her other programs have been at Alexander Hamilton Middle School, where she had more than 30 seventh and eighth graders apply for the 15 spots in each session.  “These kids want to learn and want to be fulfilled.  They are willing to give up other activities to be in this class and they are happy to have something to do to prevent boredom.”

As a teacher of language arts and social studies, she was at first intimidated by the thought of leading an entrepreneurship class.  However, like all E CITY teachers, she was sent to Certified Entrepreneurship Training.  She also realized that she knew more than she thought she did, perhaps due to exposure to her parents’ small business. 

How did we find this genuine and passionate teacher?  “John and Nicole came to Alexander Hamilton to recruit teachers, and our principal pulled me into the meeting.  I guess I just happened to be around.  Come to find out, I knew John Zitzner.  We had been on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic together.  It’s really a small world.” 
Nicole, Genevieve and Student at Graduation
Come visit one of Genevieve’s classes and you too, will feel as though it’s a small world.  She has a gentle way of welcoming all, and you’ll feel as though you’ve known her all along.

 | 216.373.7801 | 3635 Perkins Ave., Suite 5 NE, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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