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Entrepreneurship Preparatory School -  Academic Program:

E Prep will begin with a class of 100 sixth graders, and add a class of sixth graders each year.  Ultimately, the school will house grades 6-12 in a school of approximately 500 students. 

Middle School Years:

Develop strong basic skills in reading, math, science and social studies, with extra emphasis on reading and mathematics. 

High School Years:

Continued college preparatory classes, real-world critical thinking opportunities, and entrepreneurship training, to prepare students for college and the demands of the modern professional work place. 

Keys to student academic success will be:

  • A highly qualified teaching staff

  • Extended school day (until 5:00 p.m.)
  • Extended school year (11 months)

  • 40% more instructional time than most public schools

  • Frequent academic assessment to ensure students perform to Ohio state standards

  • Enrichment through art, music, physical education (martial arts) and entrepreneurship

  • Strong family &  community connections


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