What we believe

  • All students are able to achieve academically.
  • To succeed academically, students need a rigorously enforced school culture that is highly structured, highly disciplined, and inspires and supports them so they can perform at their highest levels.
  • All students deserve academic opportunities that will prepare them to engage as successful adults in their communities and around the world.
  • All students deserve a safe and drug-free school environment.

At E Prep, these beliefs are demonstrated in all that we do, including the enforcement of our code of conduct and uniform policies, and the design of our classroom management systems that are tied to our keys to success:

  • Respect
  • Self-discipline
  • Courage
  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance

At E Prep, these beliefs are seen at our weekly community gatherings, where individual and group successes are held up for celebration.  They are seen in the hallways, where students walk silently and respectfully past displays of outstanding student work, and graphs and charts that mark the schools’ academic achievement progress

At E Prep, these beliefs are demonstrated in after-school tutoring provided by caring community volunteers.  They are seen in the technologically advanced computer center, provided by generous community donors.

We also believe that students will perform at the level that is expected of them, and therefore the higher we set our sites, the more they will achieve.  Students want to be engaged, challenged, and taught in a way that is relevant to the world.  They also want to be taught by teachers who are committed to their learning every single day- teachers who will not give up on them.  

At E Prep, our teachers keep their eye on the goal line, every day, in unwavering pursuit of our vision for these students.

The Vision

E Prep has a strong academic and character development program along with an entrepreneurial focus that will ensure that all students:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Gain acceptance to at least one four-year college or university
  • Return to their communities to become positive, progressive citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit