Meet Us

Marshall Emerson III Co-Founder and Head of School†

Co-founder and Head of School Marshall Emerson III brings five years of community school operational experience, from the W.E.B. Dubois Academy of Cincinnati- one of the highest performing urban community schools in Ohio.† He has also received training from Building Excellent Schools- a Boston organization which has trained many of the leaders of our countryís successful urban charter schools. He believes the key to overall student success and development is a school environment that encourages children to foster a hunger for academic and personal success.

To find out more about Marshall Emerson, Head of School, see the article that appeared in the Plain Dealer on June 14, 2005. Read more about Marshall

Jason Stragand - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Jason Stragand graduated from Westminster College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish.† His teaching career began in the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) teaching Second grade at an inner-city Spanish Magnet Elementary School.† During his first year of teaching, he received a Masterís degree in the Art of Elementary Education from Chatham College in Pittsburgh.

After his first year of teaching, he went on to be a founding faculty member of a new Pittsburgh Public School where he was a Second grade as well as an Instructional Team Leader.† Upon finishing his third year of teaching, Mr. Stragand became a Kindergarten through Fifth grade Reading Coach for two low-performing Pittsburgh schools.† His main responsibility was to work with administrators and teachers to enhance student achievement in the content area of Reading.† While serving as a Reading Coach, Mr. Stragand attended the University of Pittsburgh where he received a dual certification in Kindergarten through 12th grade Administration and Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction.

In 2005, Mr. Stragand left the Pittsburgh Public Schools to accept a position as the Director of Reading for Edison Schools, Inc. (a national school district / company based out of New York City).† As Director of Reading, Mr. Stragand relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii where he supervised the Reading Instruction of four elementary and three middle schools that were being re-structured because of low student achievement.

In April of 2006, Mr. Stragand accepted the Director of Curriculum and Instruction position at Entrepreneurship Preparatory School.† He is extremely excited for the robust and rigorous instruction that will be implemented at E Prep School.† He looks forward to and is confident in the curriculum, assessment systems, and research-based teaching strategies that will be used at E Prep School.

Katrina L. Joyner - Director of Student Services

Katrina L. Joyner started her journey of life in Cleveland, Ohio.† She is a graduate of Collinwood High School.† After high school she went on to attend Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio.† While in college, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education with a specialty in Special Education. She then moved on to the State of Michigan, where she began her teaching career in the Flint Community Schools for the next 7 years.†

She relocated back to Cleveland, Ohio in the year 2000.† Since moving back to Ohio, she continued a teaching career in the Charter/Urban School Systems.† She has taught all grades, including pre-college students, adult high school and the elderly.† She has also worked in the alternative education environment for specials needs students and adults.† She has enjoys her teaching career and believes in what she does.

She believes this is a gift from GOD, to be able to educate others.† She enjoys helping others, because it helps her to help herself† She chose this profession because she enjoys working with people and it helps her to learn more about people as individuals.† She believes that she was put on this earth to help enhance the knowledge of others/herself, and support others/herself with gaining knowledge.† When teaching people, she is also learning.† She will never become too old to learn, nor will she ever feel that she canít learn from others.† We survive and grow by learning from experiences.

"I believe that I have the ability to enhance the knowledge of all people regardless of their varying disabilities or limitations.† I believe we can learn regardless of our physical or mental capacity.† I have faith that everyone has the ability to learn.† No two people are alike; we all have our own learning styles.† I believe that everyone is capable of learning.† Some of us just need a helping hand to get started.† I trust that learning is not a memorizing or guessing process itís a forever process.

I have chosen to educate people in every aspect of life, in every way that I know possible. The future is held in the hands of our children. I believe if we donít educate them today, they will be lost tomorrow. For every lesson being taught, is an example of an experiences for the future. Just remember, 'If we give a child a grade heíll pass for the day; but if we teach that child how to earn a grade heíll pass forever.'"

Shari Carpenter - Science Teacher

Shari Carpenter graduated from Lee College in 1992, with a degree in Social Studies.† Lee College is located in Cleveland, Tennessee.† Ms. Carpenter enjoys playing softball and was able to play for Lee College for four years.† She also enjoys traveling, camping and cooking.† Ms. Carpenter had the opportunity for three year to coach softball at Case Western Reserve University.† Prior coming to E Prep, Ms. Carpenter, taught 11th and 12th grade and Education Alternatives for five years.† She also worked for Berea Childrenís Home and Family Services for several years.† She believes education is extremely important in a young personís life and she hopes while at E Prep, she can have an everlasting impact in each child.

Karen Carter - Writing/Language Arts Teacher

Karen Carter is a Cleveland native, having grown up in Shaker Heights.† After high school she left the area for four years to attend the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia where she majored in German and International Relations.† While living in Germany she taught at a private international school.† Last year she taught in several schools in the Cleveland Municipal School District as a traveling facilitator for City Year Cleveland.†

In the future Mrs. Carter would like to obtain her Masters in middle childhood education.† Mrs. Carter is very passionate about global issues of poverty and injustice, working with youth, and giving back to one's community through service.††† She is looking forward to the start of school and is excited about meeting all of the bright young students starting at E Prep.

Kristy Ludwig - Reading Teacher

Kristy Ludwig attended Midview High School and graduated in 1999. After high school she pursued her degree at Ashland University. While at Ashland she did volunteer work for the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland and for Junior Achievement in Elyria. †In 2005, she graduated with her bachelorís degree in education for Language Arts and Mathematics.

It is Ms. Ludwigís goal to combine her range of experience with her ability to be a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher. She hopes to make a difference in each and every child, as well as, have a great school year. Lastly, she is very excited to be working for such a great school system.

Melissa Warren - History Teacher

Melissa Warren attended St. Thomas Aquinas for two years and Alliance High School for two years. She graduated from Alliance High in 1997. After graduating, she began working on a degree at Kent State University main campus. She obtained a bachelors degree in History in August of 2001. In 2004, she attended Notre Dame College and in 2006 obtained a two year provisional license in social studies.

Melissa has a genuine love for educating children. She realizes how valuable an education is to be successful in this world. Her belief is that all children can learn, but they all learn in different ways and at different paces. She is looking forward to having a great school year!

Tiffany Goodman - Assistant Teacher

Tiffany S. Goodman is a 2006 graduate of The University of Toledo, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a concentration in General Literature.

She is an advocate and motivator of student success. Ms. Goodman is an innovative professional and has teaching experience in the Elementary and Middle School system in Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio. She inspires students to reach beyond the stars, because education is the key to success. †Ms. Goodman believes that ALL students can achieve academically. Hence, she plans to go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of the students. Ms. Goodman is fervent about making a difference in the lives of the students and looks forward to a successful school year at Entrepreneurship Preparatory School.

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.
~ William Arthur Woods ~

Lorionta Lawson - Assistant Teacher

Lorionta Lawson is from Cleveland, Ohio.† She attended Kent State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies.† She loves working with people and making a difference in the lives of others.† As a hobby, she designs jewelry.†

She is excited to be a part of E Prep, where they are excited about making a difference in the lives of children!† She is looking forward to a great first year!