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The Friends of E Preps Schools is a separate nonprofit corporation whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for E Prep and future Cleveland Charter Schools like E Prep.  The Friends group is co-chaired by Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Joe Roman.  In existence less than one year, the Friends group has already achieved excellent results on both fronts.  The October/November Update is below, detailing their progress to date. 

Entrepreneurship Preparatory School co founders Marshall Emerson III and John Zitzner are grateful to this group of high-achieving community leaders and thank the Friends for their support!


March / April, 2007



In August 2006, at the beginning of our school year, all E Prep students were assessed in four key areas. Each month, intensive academic instruction is provided for our sixth graders from 7 am to 4 pm. Many students remain for tutoring from 5 pm – 6 pm. Our teachers are working very hard to ensure that our class of 2017 is ready for college.

The following represents the % of students at E Prep who were proficient (grade level) in the following areas:

  August ‘06   January ‘07
Reading Fluency: 29%  64%
Reading Comprehension: 7% 42%
Math Facts:  20% 40%
Math Problem Solving: 2.5% (less than 3) 24%

While the goal is that 80% of our students will be proficient by the time they enter 9th grade, Mr. Emerson and the staff are working extra hard to accelerate those results. We started the year extremely low as you can see. Frankly, we were surprised to see so many of our 6th graders so far behind. Our students are beginning to show extraordinary progress. Please help us interpret these results to others who may simply look at the final percentages, without taking into account the significant strides made within our incoming class.


Nine months down, three months to go.  The Friends of E Prep Schools must raise $1 million dollars before June 30, 2007.  The great news is that some of you and other generous people have already given over $750,000 toward that goal.  We MUST raise the additional $250k by June 30.  If you were a donor in the last fiscal year, but haven’t had a chance to renew your gift, now would be a great time to do that. 

If you haven’t had the chance to make your first gift, we need it now more that ever.  Every dollar that we receive over the one million dollar goal will automatically be placed in our “New Schools” fund for future schools like E Prep.


If you are interested in visiting the school and bringing a friend or two who could become new Friends of E Prep, please call Michael Wolff or John Zitzner to get on the calendar. Seeing is believing.

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