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John and his class at graduation

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.
 - Marie Curie



Founder's Refection

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John teaching the first E CITY class

Founder’s reflections

Well, Cleveland’s number one again…

Instead of having a meeting of community leaders to talk about and study why we’re #1 in the country in poverty, many of us are simply doing something about it.

At E CITY, we’re taking the approach that breaking the cycle of poverty starts by intervening into teenagers’ lives.  If we wait, it’s too late.  So, that’s why we’re undertaking a substantial effort to grow and reach more kids.

The last four years have provided a foundation.  We’ve begun to build systems of success.  We’ve carefully designed and executed classes where kids learn to think like entrepreneurs and understand that being persistent and never giving up are the key traits to success in life, no matter who you are and where you come from.  You’ll read about some successes in this newsletter.

But now it’s time to grow.  We won’t rest until we have figured out a way to serve 100% of the high schools in the Cleveland Municipal School District.  Gene Sanders and his team are helping us actually integrate the NFTE / E CITY curriculum in the classroom during the day, plus we’ll be expanding the number of new after-school programs in schools AND in community organizations.

We can do all of this… only with your help.  When you receive my letter this fall, I need you to read it and respond.  We must significantly increase our gifts from individuals in order to leverage new foundation support.  YOU are making this possible and YOU can say you’re proud to be part of a SOLUTION to our #1 problem.



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