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Sahabahddin talking about his business at the NFTE awards dinner

Do not settle for less
than an extraordinary life.

- Author Unknown



Student Profile - Sahabahddin Muhammad


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    Sahabhddin on his way to NYC                                                    Sahabhddin receiving his Award

Sahabahddin Muhammad, 18-year old E CITY alumnus and Shaw High School senior, is also a 2006 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winner!  “The call came on March 3…I’ll always remember the day,” explains Sahabahddin, as he recalls learning that the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship had chosen him as a winner.  Sahabahddin and 19 other students were chosen from a national applicant pool of more than 200 students.  On April 25 they were recognized at the “Salute to the Entrepreneurial Spirit” award dinner at the Marriot Marquis Hotel on Times Square, where 1000 guests cheered for their success. Each student received a $1,000 gift for college or the development of their businesses. 

“Two years ago, I never would have believed that I’d be in this position,” admits Sahabahddin Muhammad.  “E CITY was like a rocket…it gave me a huge liftoff.”  That lift came in the spring of 2005, when Shaw High School teacher, Andrea Haynes, suggested that Sahabahddin apply for the E CITY after school entrepreneurship program that she was co-teaching with colleague Joyce Robinson.  “Ms. Haynes knew that I had a lot of entrepreneurial ideas,” says Sahabahddin.  “I worked for an entrepreneur, and I liked his lifestyle and the way he stayed busy.  I wanted to be like that.”

During Sahabahddin’s 70 hours with E CITY, his business plan for “Empire LLC” was created.  He envisioned a company that would “…create unity and community, through entertainment.”  In a nutshell, Empire creates special events which are safe and fun and involve collaboration with area retailers.  This month, Sahabahddin is putting on an event to “…highlight and raise pride for my school,” he explains.  “There will be a parade, allowing local residents to show off the work they have done on their cars, and a fashion show.”  Local clothing retailer, “Jump Off,” will provide the fashions and is serving on the planning committee for the event.

“I am so thankful for the help of my E CITY business plan coach, George Williams, who still stays in touch with me through email,” says Sahabahddin.  “And I’m thankful for the help I had from Victor Hui on the national business plan competition.”  Victor is an E CITY volunteer and Baldwin Wallace SIFE member, who helped a number of E CITY alumni over the last year. 

Sahabahddin working on his business plan

“And Mr. Z…” says Sahabahddin.  “He’s a great man.  Humble.  Patient.  And cool to get to know.”

What does the future hold for Empire LLC?  Sahabahddin sees it as a fabulous learning experience and something he will do “on the side,” while he pursues other dreams.  He will graduate from Shaw this spring and attend either Akron University or Cleveland State to pursue studies in business and urban development.

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