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Volunteer Judge and Warrensville Heights Middle School Student at the business plan competition

It is one of the most
 beautiful compensations
 of this life that no man
 can sincerely try to help
 another without
 helping himself.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson



 Volunteer - We Need Your Help - Volunteer Opportunities


If you share our passionate commitment that we must not let our youth ďdie in poverty, but we will have poverty die in them", your help is needed.

Many volunteer opportunities are available.  You can help by:

  • Being a guest speaker
    Youth love to hear real, live stories about life and business from successful business leaders and real entrepreneurs.  Itís especially effective and useful if youíve ever run your own business since thatís what weíre teaching the students to do but we welcome all areas of expertise.  You will visit a class and be prepared to discuss your life, your occupation, your business, and how you arrived to where you are today (including successes and failures).

    Time Commitment:
    45 minutes per session including Q & A time.
    For opportunities to be a guest speaker.

  • Business Plan Coach (we need lots of you for this one!  LOTS)
    This job is fun, easy and very rewarding.  You will coach 1-2 students through the development of their business plans that they will later present.  You will be provided with a business plan outline and a PowerPoint template ahead of time.  Therefore, prior business plan experience is not necessary.  If you have some PowerPoint skills (basic) and know a little about math and numbers, itís a plus.

    Time Commitment:
    Varies for each program. As a coach, you will be invited to the competition as well so you can have the rewarding experience of seeing your student deliver the business plan that you helped them complete.
    For opportunities to be a business plan coach.

  • Hosting a field trip
    A class will visit your company and you or another representative will explain to the students the daily business operations, tying in basic business concepts (i.e. marketing, business units, start-up costs, operating costs, success tips, etc.)  We will provide some topics that will be relevant to the students for the trip.  Likely, a Saturday morning field trip may be desired, so if your business can accommodate a Saturday trip, thatís a plus.

    Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per class.
    For opportunities to host a field trip.
  • Being a business plan competition judge
    Each student prepares a basic business plan.  About 6-7 students will qualify to present their plan to a panel of highly respected and prominent individuals.  ( YES>>>Weíre talking about YOU!!).  You will rate each studentís business plan and presentation using the standard judging criteria form that we provide to determine the top three awards.  The winner receives $150, second place $100 and third place $50.  Think of all the power in YOUR HANDS!!  All training for this prestigious opportunity will be provided that evening.  See attachment for dates.

    Time Commitment: 3 hours in the evening per competition
    For opportunities to be a Business Plan Competition Judge.
  • Fundraising (only one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS for E CITY!)
    Assist the board of directors and the staff in organizing fundraising events and/or serving on a fundraising committee.  Actually, this could be one of the most fun experiences since it will likely involve a major-league party!!
    Time Commitment: Varies
  • Helping at the office with administrative tasks
    Assist in mailings, phone calls, updating outlook with names and addresses, proofreading things, copying, other fun stuff, etc.  Every once in a while, we need help.  When we plan our major gala in the spring, weíll need help with envelope stuffing, addressing, phone call RSVP follow ups, etc.  If youíre willing to do this kind of thing, let us know.
    Time Commitment: Varies.
    For more information on helping with administrative tasks.

Whether itís direct financial contribution, volunteering at the office, teaching, recruiting, or fund raising, we need you. To find out how to contact us visit our Contact us page.

To find out more about Corporate Sponsorship opportunities see the Corporate Sponsorship page.



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