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David Boone as a business competition judge.

You did what you knew
how to do, and when
you knew better,
you did better.

- Maya Angelou



Volunteer Profile David Boone

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David helping a student with his business plan

I'm a fan of E CITY because…

        …I'm impressed with the staff, the program and the participants.”

He first heard of E CITY in the spring of 2002 at a dinner party, where he met someone who was affiliated with the fledgling organization.  He was intrigued by their need for volunteer judges for the program’s business plan competition, and he stepped up to help.

Since that time, David has volunteered at nearly every one of the E CITY’s subsequent programs, giving more than 80 hours.

"I was immediately impressed with the students and the program.  I had never seen anything like it, and I felt it was a valuable asset to our community," he says, as he explains his extraordinary gift of time to E CITY’s mission.

David’s favorite volunteer role is that of business plan coach.  Near the end of E CITY’s program, he and other coaches work one-on-one with each student, to help them formulate their own business ideas, and create a presentation for the culminating business plan competition. 

"To conceptualize, develop and present a business idea is a challenging thing for middle school students," he says.  "Yet each of these students is interested and puts forth the effort to complete the program."

With his own vast background in business creation and acquisition, David knows the level of commitment and acumen that is required by these young entrepreneurial students.  David spent many years working in a management consulting firm that he founded in New York City, which grew to have seven additional offices along the east coast.  Interestingly enough, much of the service they provided was to minority business owners, in the form of business plan development.

Letters of support from parents, students and volunteers

David Boone watching a business plan competition

Is previous business expertise needed to be a business plan coach for E CITY students?  Not at all, according to David.  "There is a camaraderie among all of the coaches- we help those volunteers who are new and there is an open idea exchange.  The adult guidance is what is valuable to the students."

David helping another student with his business plan

"The kids are like sponges, absorbing everything.  We don’t realize how vast our own experience is and when you relate it to the kids, they like that.  And the teaching becomes very fulfilling for you."

"Whether these students become entrepreneurs or not, this program opens up new horizons for them,” he explains.  “They get a great deal out of it.  I sometimes think about how valuable it would have been to me as a kid.  The program is a gem."

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